Are you ready to take your beverage alcohol industry analysis to the next level?

Look no further than EPG Specialty Media's revolutionary new platform, Handbook Excelerator.

Unprecedented Access to Beverage Alcohol Data

Handbook Excelerator is the gateway to our industry-leading beverage alcohol data. We've taken the wealth of information from our renowned Handbooks and packaged it into an interactive, customizable platform that gives you the power to shape and manipulate the data to suit your unique needs.

Tailor Your Geographical Analysis

Create custom geographies by census breakouts, states, or license types. Your data, your way.

Build Your Unique Competitive Landscape

Build custom competitive sets by brand, category, or other attributes. Know your competition better than they know themselves.

Home in on Crucial Insights

Sort and filter your data to home in on the most valuable insights. Find the needle in the haystack, every time.

Create Impactful Visualizations

Create custom tables and impactful charts to visualize your data in new and insightful ways. Make your data tell a compelling story.

Harness the Power of Time

Handbook Excelerator enables you to analyze data across time, both current and historical, providing the necessary context to understand trends and shifts in the beverage alcohol industry. And the best part? It’s all integrated with Microsoft Excel, a program you're already familiar with.

Discover Trends and Insights

Handbook Excelerator is more than a data tool; it's an insight engine. With its powerful capabilities, you can uncover trends and insights that were previously hidden or difficult to identify using static books and reports.

See Handbook Excelerator in Action

We understand that seeing is believing. That's why we've prepared a short demo video showcasing the innovative features and capabilities of Handbook Excelerator. Discover how it can revolutionize your market research approach.

Are You Ready to Excelerate Your Insights?

Take your market research to the next level with Handbook Excelerator. Uncover insights, understand trends, and get ahead in the competitive beverage alcohol industry.

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