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Liquor Handbook Excelerator

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Liquor Excelerator is a new analytic platform that gives our clients unprecedented access to our industry-leading Beverage Alcohol data.

With Liquor Excelerator, users gain access to all the data in our Handbooks in an interactive tool that allows complete customization of the data.  Create custom geographies by census breakouts, states, or license types, build custom competitive sets by brand, category, or other attributes, sort and filter your data, and create custom tables and impactful charts.

Liquor Excelerator allows users to analyze data across time, both current and historical, through a universally used program, Microsoft Excel

Liquor Excelerator – today’s tool to uncover trend and insights that were previously impossible to identify using static books and


  • Easy to use, interactive data analysis tool
  • Built on a universally used platform, Microsoft Excel
  • Create custom cross-category competitive sets
  • Analyze data by brand, category, and other data dimensions (attributes)
  • Create custom geographies by census breakouts, states, license type
  • Sort and filter data views
  • Easily pivot row and column data by simple ‘drag and drop’
  • Produce any of the data tables and graphics found in the Liquor Handbook or produce your own views
  • Export data tables to Excel
  • Create custom graphs and export to PDF of PNG
  • The Chart Wizard allows the user to customize graph layouts
  • View data over time.
  • Select the delivery option that best suits your needs:  
    • Category - Liquor Excelerator provides 5 years of brand data for the single category of your choice. 
    • Standard - Liquor Excelerator provides 5 years of brand data for all 12 categories. 
    • Expanded - Liquor Excelerator provides 40 years of brand data for all 12 categories.  Additional years can be purchased for the Standard or Category versions.
  • Categories include: Straight Whiskey, Blended Whiskey, Canadian Whiskey, Scotch Whisky, Irish Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Brandy & Cognac, Cordials & Liqueurs, and Ready-to-Drink (RTDs)
    Version: Category Version