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What Are Motorcyclists Doing This Fall?

What Are Motorcyclists Doing This Fall?

Tristin Burdick | November 14, 2023

One group of consumers seems to be very active this fall: motorcyclists.

They are drawn to the roads by cooler weather and the vibrant transformation of the landscape. These changes make even the most familiar rides feel fresh and exciting. EPG Specialty Information noticed this increase in activity and set out to capture the essence of motorcyclists’ experiences during this season. They conducted a survey that reached out to riders of all ages and backgrounds, asking them about their preferences, habits, and rituals when it comes to fall riding. The results provide a comprehensive look at the motorcycling lifestyle during a season that brings a new dimension to their passion.

Riding Preferences and Discovery

The survey brought to light the varied ways riders approach their fall routes. A majority, 66%, enjoy a mix of familiarity and discovery, combining well-known routes with new explorations to keep their riding experiences vibrant. This approach allows them to revisit the comfort of routes they know well while still satisfying their urge to explore. In contrast, 16% of riders are adventurers at heart, seeking new roads and experiences every fall. They thrive on the excitement that comes with a new journey. On the flip side, a select 11% find contentment in the predictability and nostalgia of their favorite paths, and about 7% ride without any plan, making choices spontaneously as they go.

The survey also showed that riders use a variety of methods to find their fall adventures. Personal recommendations are the most popular, with 75% of riders relying on tips from friends and fellow motorcyclists. This reliance on word-of-mouth highlights the importance of community and shared knowledge in the riding world. Almost half of the riders also use digital tools, such as blogs, apps, and online searches, to discover new places to ride. This blend of personal advice and technology allows riders to chart new paths and share their experiences with others, further strengthening the bonds within the riding community.

Companionship and Riding Dynamics

Companionship on the road can greatly affect the riding experience. The survey indicates that 41% of motorcyclists prefer the solitary freedom of solo riding, valuing the quiet and introspection it offers. However, riding with friends or partners is equally important to many. These shared rides often lead to collaborative decision-making about the journey, from the choice of routes to where to stop and eat. When riders are with others, they might choose different destinations, select eateries based on group preferences, or adjust their riding speed to match the group's pace.

The Landscape and Seasonal Routes

The fall landscape is a significant draw for riders. The majority of survey respondents, over 80%, seek routes that take them through the heart of nature's seasonal display. Forested areas and the countryside, with their vibrant autumn hues and peaceful ambiance, are particularly popular. These settings offer riders a chance to not just witness but be part of the seasonal transition, with the changing colors providing a stunning backdrop for their rides.

Some riders have routes they save specifically for fall, chosen for the exceptional views and quieter experience they provide during this time. These routes, treasured for their fall-specific qualities, demonstrate the riders' appreciation for the season's unique offerings. Yet, the survey also found that many riders are open to spontaneity, allowing external factors such as weather and the preferences of their riding companions to influence their route choices. This flexibility is a key aspect of the motorcycling experience in the fall, as riders balance their desire for both planned and spontaneous adventures.

Rituals and the Spirit of Adventure

For a significant number of riders, certain rituals make their fall rides special. These traditions range from seeking out the best fall colors to returning to favorite spots or attending seasonal festivals. The survey found that these riders place great value on these experiences, which enhance their enjoyment of the season and create lasting memories.

For some, fall riding is about more than just the journey; it's about the gear and attire that symbolize the season. Special jackets, gloves, and equipment suited for the cooler weather become part of the ritual, marking the season's rides as distinct from those at other times of the year. While only a minority of riders engage in photography or nature appreciation, these activities are cherished by those who do them, offering a chance to capture the beauty of the season and reflect on the riding experience.

Reflections and Anticipations

The survey shows that most riders face few challenges during their fall rides, suggesting they are well-prepared and adept at handling the season's unique conditions. As they look to the future, riders exhibit a range of expectations. Many are content with their familiar routines, but a considerable number are open to trying new experiences, and some are actively planning to incorporate new elements into their rides. This curiosity for new experiences is a testament to the riding community's adventurous spirit.

 Final Thoughts

The survey from EPG Specialty Information provides a detailed portrait of how motorcyclists interact with the fall season. It reveals a community that finds common ground in their shared passion for the road and the unique experiences that autumn offers. The season calls to them, promising a combination of the pleasure of riding and the natural beauty of the changing landscape.

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Research Analyst, EPG Specialty Information

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