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How Has Family Shaped the Passion of Powersports?

How Has Family Shaped the Passion of Powersports?

Tristin Burdick | September 25, 2023

Powersports is often seen as a solitary activity done on the weekends.

But in reality, it’s a family affair, bringing the family together through bonding moments and happy memories.

This relationship between family and powersports is usually left in the shadows, with most research focusing on what people buy, where they buy it, and why they choose one brand over another. A lot of studies start with looking at what someone is likely to buy next, missing out on the deeper connections and moments of family involvement in powersports.

Instead of just looking at buying habits, we decided to explore how families come together around powersports, how they share these experiences, and how it impacts their relationships. It’s about understanding the real-life stories and shared passions of powersports, not just the buying decisions at the dealership.

Therefore, we conducted a detailed survey with our consumer panel to find out more about the ties between family life and powersports.

Interplay of Family Structures and Powersports Engagement

The intricate weave of family structures and their engagement in powersports activities is a fascinating dimension unveiled through our research. As we sifted through the data, it became clear that powersports isn’t just an individual pursuit; it’s a familial journey colored with shared experiences and communal bonds.

Families, in their varied structures, participate in powersports with different dynamics. For instance, middle-aged consumers (35-50 years old) typically involve their spouse and children in powersports activities. It seems that the passion for powersports is a thread that binds the family, offering a common ground for creating and sharing experiences. It's particularly intriguing that such involvement appears to strengthen family bonds and serves as a medium for transmitting values, traditions, and interests across generations.

Conversely, older consumers, particularly those of retirement age, generally live with their spouses and tend to share their powersports experiences more with their children and grandchildren, albeit at a lower correlation of 25%. It's a reflective stage where the transfer of stories, experiences, and insights becomes crucial, showcasing powersports as a medium of intergenerational dialogue and exchange.

An interesting finding from our research revealed that a significant negative correlation existed between owning motorcycles and growing up with powersports, indicating that many motorcycle owners are likely first-generation powersport consumers. However, correlation doesn’t mean causation. Future research is required to see if this holds true.

Family Influences on Powersports

Family plays a pivotal role in molding our preferences, choices, and passions. Powersports, being no exception, has seen significant influence from familial ties and traditions.

A telling statistic is that 46% of respondents grew up participating in powersports with their family. This means nearly half of the surveyed consumers had their initial touchpoint with powersports through family outlets, emphasizing the formative role families play in introducing and nurturing a passion for powersports. Vehicles like dirtbikes, boats, and on-road motorcycles were popular choices, underscoring the diverse experiences families share.

Furthermore, 62% have introduced or shared powersports experiences with an extended family member, showcasing the cascading effect of shared interests. The role consumers play in their family dynamics is evangelistic, passing down their love for powersports and widening the circle of enthusiasts to other family members.

The spouse's role in powersports emerges as especially influential. About 22% of respondents confirmed their spouse or partner grew up in a family involved in powersports activities. Additionally, female consumers in our survey were notably influenced by their spouses, with 37% being introduced to powersports by them.

Yet, not all familial influences are encouraging. There are pockets of hesitancy, with some family members expressing safety concerns. These reservations showcase the protective instincts families have for their loved ones, emphasizing the need for responsible engagement, safety protocols, and comprehensive training in powersports.

Dynamics of Family Interactions Within Powersports

The way family members engage and interact within powersports is dependent on their mutual interests, shared values, and individual preferences. Many families seem to embrace powersports as a cohesive unit, with 54% viewing it as a way to connect with family members.

However, the frequency and nature of family participation in powersports are diverse. Some families indulge in these activities multiple times per week, while others only a few times a year or less often. It’s a spectrum of engagement, from those who see powersports as a central familial activity to those who participate more sporadically.

Interestingly, discussions regarding powersports with extended family members or in-laws are not a regular occurrence for everyone. While some engage in such conversations several times a month, 36% discuss only a few times a year or less often, and 11% never discuss powersports with other family members. This could be attributed to differing levels of interest, understanding, or acceptance of powersports within their extended family.

The responses from family members to shared powersports experiences are also varied. Some respond with enthusiasm and curiosity, while others express concerns about safety or disinterest. It’s a testament to the diverse family dynamics and the differing perspectives and priorities within a family structure regarding participation in powersports. Future research is required to explore these family substructures and how they influence the perceptions and involvement in powersports.

Moreover, there are also discernible dynamics regarding children’s involvement in powersports within a family. Families often engage in open discussions to understand each other’s concerns and set boundaries and rules for safety, demonstrating a collective approach to decision-making and a mutual concern for the younger members of powersports.

The Future of Families in Powersports

As we look forward, family dynamics have a significant influence on consumers’ involvement in the industry. A substantial 57% of respondents believe the role of powersports in their families will stay about the same, serving as a stable, shared interest. However, the future is more transient for some, with 26% anticipating the role of powersports depending on evolving family interests. For the powersports industry, adapting to these evolving family dynamics, preferences, and needs is pivotal. Embracing inclusivity and fostering family-friendly environments will be crucial in sustaining and growing the family-centric powersports community.

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