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Powersport Consumers’ Travel Preferences and Habits

Powersport Consumers’ Travel Preferences and Habits

Our recent survey provides intriguing insights into the preferences and habits of powersport enthusiasts. Relaxation and wellness vacations emerged as the top choice, closely followed by nature and wilderness trips. Most respondents preferred domestic travel, with a tendency to embark on these adventures more than once a year, mostly with a partner. Powersport vehicles were used both locally and on trips. The preference for local use leans towards wooded trails and mountainous terrains. When it comes to travel with powersports vehicles, group outings and off-road adventures topped the list. Key considerations for choosing a powersport-focused trip include climate, suitable landscape, and accessibility. Despite some barriers, most enthusiasts were satisfied with their previous powersport locations and would recommend them to others.


More details can be found in the full report here.


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