Beverage Information Group

2023 Beer Handbook

Handbook Format: Hard Copy

 Available September 2023

The 2023 Beer Handbook is the Beverage Information Group’s definitive data report for the beer industry including consumption, projections and sales.

Beer categories include craft beer, flavored malt beverages and hard seltzers, ice beer, light lagers, malt beer, popular beer and premium beer. This report includes key market data such as:

  • 2022 consumption of beer and 2023 projections
  • Total consumption data by category of beer
  • Per capita consumption by beer category and state
  • Domestic vs. imported consumption by category
  • Analysis of 100+ leading brands in 9 unique categories
  • Top 100 Leading Beer Brands
  • Category development analysis
  • Category demographic profiles
  • Brand usage demographic profiles
  • Performance of major suppliers in the industry
  • Trends in hot category segments including hard seltzers
Handbook Format: Hard Copy