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New Trends & Insights Intelligence Service Will Give Adult Beverage Players the Edge as Consumption Patterns Shift

New Trends & Insights Intelligence Service Will Give Adult Beverage Players the Edge as Consumption Patterns Shift

Minneapolis, Minn., (July 9, 2024) –  Soft sales. Shifting trends. Category confusion. If there ever was a time the beverage-alcohol industry needs data to make decisions, it’s now!

EPG Specialty Information (EPGSI), publishers of The Beverage Information Handbooks, recently presented its Trends & Insights Intelligence Service to industry leaders at its 2024 Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference in Chicago. 

This dynamic new service will fill voids in the information sources currently available to the beverage-alcohol industry. The subscription service combines EPGSI’s proprietary consumer panel data, retailer sentiment, dollar-volume and depletion data, along with data sourced by its third-party partners to provide the industry with forward-looking insights for retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers of alcoholic beverages.  

“We believe Trends & Insights will provide a critical source of intelligence to our customers. This ‘peek around the corner’ will allow you the ability to adapt, pivot, and make informed brand and category decisions,” said Andrew Esham, Managing Director of EPGSI.  “It also presents a clearer understanding of industry dynamics and opportunities than is currently available by other service providers.”  

Customers have the option of platform access to data extracts offering a multitude of predictive insights based on alcohol class, on- and off-premise, outlet channel, category, price tiers, consumer segmentations, and retailer sentiment indices.  Published quarterly reports will also be available to subscribers. The next phase of the product roll-out will feature an interactive user front end.  

As EPGSI continues to refine and enhance the Trends & Insights platform and its predictive capabilities, wholesalers, retail chains, suppliers, and trade associations are invited to join our data share partnership program. Participation in the program allows partners to access the full set of data assets.

About EPG Specialty Information  

Established in 2022, EPG Specialty Information is a Minneapolis-based company offering data-driven insights and analytical services specifically collected from first party audience and measurement data generated independently, and from its affiliate, EPG Brand Acceleration. Recognized for its deep industry expertise, EPG works with businesses seeking actionable insights and solutions to achieve growth and profitability in their markets.  

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