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EPG Specialty Information Delivers Decision-Making Power to the Adult Beverage Industry

EPG Specialty Information Delivers Decision-Making Power to the Adult Beverage Industry

Minneapolis, Minn., (October 31, 2023) — Today EPG Specialty Information (EPGSI) is introducing Handbook Excelerator for the Wine and Beer categories. Handbook Excelerator is a user-driven database built upon a MS-Excel framework that provides the industry with a technology alternative to the traditional print and PDF version of its annual Handbook series.  With this latest release, all three adult beverage categories will be able to use Excelerator to create custom views to leverage impactful data insights to enhance decision-making and business growth.

“The adult beverage industry has embraced our Handbooks as a trusted information source for half a century. With Excelerator we are enhancing our customers’ interaction with the data by allowing them to control the data dimensions and produce the output that best suits their business needs,” said Andrew Esham, Managing Director of EPGSI. “We’ve increased the value of this deliverable by adding more time periods for analysis, price tiers to enhance competitive set generation, and multiple export options for use in presentations, reports, and internal data warehouses.”

EPGSI continues its product innovations through the ongoing development of the industry’s first Trends & Insights subscription service, to be released in early 2024. Trends & Insights will provide a critical source of intelligence to our customers by providing unique and dynamic insights. 

Learn more about Handbook Excelerator here, or schedule a demo with one of our Excelerator experts here.

About EPG Specialty Information 

Established in 2022, EPG Specialty Information is a Minneapolis-based company dedicated to offering data-driven insights and analytical services specifically collected from first party audience and measurement data generated independently, and from its affiliate, EPG Brand Acceleration. Recognized for its deep industry expertise, EPG works with businesses seeking actionable insights and solutions to achieve growth and profitability in their markets. 


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