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Beverage Alcohol Legislative Changes Move the Industry Forward; Stay Current with the Beverage Information Group's 2015 Fact Book

Beverage Alcohol Legislative Changes Move the Industry Forward; Stay Current with the Beverage Information Group's 2015 Fact Book

NORWALK, Conn., Nov. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Keeping up with the vast amount of beverage alcohol rules, regulations, and laws is absolutely essential.  But the guidelines governing the industry can be overwhelming and complex.  For more than 20 years, The Beverage Information Group's Fact Book has been a necessity for industry professionals, providing the most relevant information on beverage alcohol standards and regulations.

The 2015 Fact Book's easy-to-use format details current laws and impending legislation, including those that are designed to benefit small distilleries and brewers.  Both the Distillery Innovation and Excise Tax Reform Act of 2015 and the Small BREW Act aim to lower tax rates for distillers and breweries to reward their economic importance and job creation capabilities.

Additionally, changes in consumer purchasing behaviors have stoked debate over sales regulations.  As more states begin to place emphasis on consumer convenience, some have reevaluated blue laws that are outdated in today's world.  The beverage alcohol industry has seen an increase of direct-to-consumer shipping practices, accompanied by relaxing restrictions that once limited the industry, leading to greater sales potential.

Other topics charted in this reference volume include distilled spirits, wine and beer consumption by state; merchandising and advertising guidelines; on-premise and off-premise licensees by category; product tasting guidelines by state; blood alcohol laws; state excise tax rates; wholesaler and retailer license fees and a breakdown of specific retail outlet selling capabilities.  State-by-state provisions by carrier are also included to help marketers better understand shipping laws by location.

About the 2015 Fact Book Handbook
The 2015 Fact Book is available in hard copy for $495; S&H is $15 for U.S. residents, or $25 for international orders. The continuously update web version is available with a one-year subscription for $875.  The 2015 Fact Book can be purchased at or by calling Andrew Sims at (203)-855-8499 ext. 2251.

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