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On-Premise Beverage Alcohol Consumption Decreases

On-Premise Beverage Alcohol Consumption Decreases

On-Premise Beverage Alcohol Consumption Decreases In All Three Categories,
According to the Recent Cheers BARometer Report

Norwalk, CT (February 24, 2015) As the economy continues to slowly stabilize, on-premise beverage trends continue to evolve.  The on-premise struggled in 2013 and 2014, as consumer confidence has prevented people from fully returning to their pre-recessionary spending levels. According to the Cheers On-Premise BARometer Handbook, distilled spirits consumption in restaurants and bars decreased 1.8%, wine 0.6% and beer 1.5%.  

The Cheers On-Premise BARometer Handbook is the industry’s leading report on beer, wine and spirits consumption for the on-premise.  The Handbook provides in-depth research on beverage alcohol trends, sales volume, distribution, marketing and consumer opinion in the on-premise segment.  This report will help increase your profitability by helping you better understand the rapidly changing beverage trends in restaurants and bars.  

In the most recent edition of the Handbook, three experienced industry professionals once again interpret and analyze the data and give their insights on the on-premise market: Paul Pacult, Editor of F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal, discusses key factors to success in the spirits category; Stephen Beaumont, hospitality consultant and educator, delves into the beer category; and Doug Frost, wine consultant, Master Sommelier and Master of Wine, talks about upcoming wine styles to watch.

New in the Handbook this year — two editions customized for key audiences.  The Abridged PDF Edition contains text from the Full Edition, plus key selected charts.  This edition is a superior tool for executives who need an overview of the on-premise market.  The Data Compendium PDF Edition includes all of the charts from the Full Edition.  The edition provides analysts with the data they need most.

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