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More Beverage Alcohol Legislation Changes in 2014; 
Keep Current with the Beverage Information & Insights Group’s Fact Book

Norwalk, Conn., (Nov. 12, 2014) — Keeping up with the complex and ever-changing rules, regulations and laws about the sales, distribution, promotion and marketing of distilled spirits, wine and beer in the 50 states (and the District of Columbia) is absolutely mandatory, and the penalties for non-compliance can be severe.  For over 20 years, beverage industry professionals have relied on The Beverage Information & Insights Group’s Fact Book to stay up to date.  In recent years, laws have changed in response to consumer purchasing habits while also keeping consumer convenience in mind.  A few key examples are more states overturning blue laws, allowing tastings in retail stores, setting up growler stations and direct-to-consumer shipping.

The newly released Fact Book details current laws regarding beverage alcohol, as well as impending legislation.  Additional topics charted in this compendium include distilled spirits, wine and beer consumption by state; merchandising and advertising guidelines; on-premise and off-premise licensees by category; product-tasting guidelines by state; blood alcohol laws; state excise tax rates; wholesaler and retailer license fees; and what is allowed to be sold in which retail outlets.  Also included are state-by-state provisions by carrier to help marketers better understand who can ship where.  

The Fact Book 2014 is available in hard copy format or as a Web subscription.  The one-year Web subscription, which tracks the changes in all states’ rules, regulations and laws as they happen, allows users to search by state, and includes detailed retail sales regulations and interstate shipment information for all states.

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