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Is Your Business Overlooking These Powersports Cleaning Trends?

Is Your Business Overlooking These Powersports Cleaning Trends?

Tristin Burdick | December 4, 2023

Powersports vehicles, ranging from motorcycles to ATVs, aren't just about high-speed thrills; they also demand consistent upkeep. Recognizing the importance of this aspect, EPG Specialty Information conducted a comprehensive survey to understand riders' behaviors when it comes to cleaning and detailing. The study reveals key insights into the routines, preferences, and choices of those who regularly clean and maintain their vehicles.

These practices, encompassing everything from simple washing to detailed care, reflect a commitment that goes beyond keeping the vehicles functional. For many, this maintenance is a source of personal pride and fulfillment. These insights are crucial for powersports businesses, providing essential data to enhance their product offerings and connect more effectively with their consumer base.

Consumer Behavior and Maintenance Habits

A significant 81% of survey respondents focus their maintenance efforts on on-road motorcycles, indicating a strong preference within the powersports community. This commitment to upkeep is far from infrequent, with many owners engaging in weekly cleaning rituals to maintain their vehicles' shine. A notable 90% of these enthusiasts undertake these tasks themselves, driven by a combination of cost-efficiency and the intrinsic joy of hands-on care.

This DIY approach underscores a consumer trend towards practicality and personal involvement in vehicle care. The majority of riders are economical in their approach, with over half spending under $50 on cleaning products during the riding season. This indicates a careful balance of cost and quality in their choices, avoiding excessive expenditures.

For businesses, this pattern highlights the importance of offering products that are both affordable and effective. Understanding these consumer habits can guide strategies in product development, marketing, and retail, ensuring that offerings resonate with the values and needs of the powersports community.

Product Preferences and Brand Performance

Nearly 80% favor microfiber cloths and brushes, highlighting a universal trust in these tools for their effectiveness and gentle impact on vehicle surfaces. The popularity of waxes and polishes, used by approximately two-thirds of respondents, reflects a desire to not only clean but also protect their vehicles.

Brand loyalty is a significant factor, with Meguiar's, Mothers, and Turtle Wax being the most trusted names. These brands have earned riders' confidence through consistent performance, suggesting a market that values reliability. Additionally, a considerable number of riders explore specialized products, such as bug removers and brake cleaners, tailored for specific vehicle parts.

These preferences offer valuable insights for businesses in the powersports sector. They indicate a market seeking products that deliver promised results. This presents opportunities for both established and new brands to capture market share by meeting these high expectations. Additionally, the interest in specialized products opens avenues for innovation and niche marketing, providing new opportunities for growth and differentiation in a competitive market.

Impact of External Factors on Cleaning Routines

The influence of weather conditions is a significant factor in determining cleaning routines for powersports enthusiasts. About a third of riders adjust their cleaning schedule in response to rainfall, while others maintain a consistent routine regardless of weather changes.

This variability in cleaning habits emphasizes the need for versatile and robust cleaning products. Items that offer quick and effective cleaning after exposure to mud or rain are highly valued. Similarly, products that provide lasting protection against weather-related wear and tear can be particularly appealing.

For businesses, understanding these external influences is key to developing products and marketing strategies that align with riders' needs. Offering solutions that cater to different environmental conditions can help meet the diverse demands of the powersports community.

Insights and Opportunities

The survey reveals that cleaning and maintenance are more than routine tasks for riders; they are opportunities for vehicle inspection and preventive care. This approach to maintenance reflects a deep engagement with their vehicles, with riders valuing products that aid in long-term vehicle health.

The widespread use of specific products, such as microfiber cloths, underscores a market preference for quality and efficiency. Additionally, the variety of cleaning techniques employed by riders highlights a desire for products adaptable to different vehicle parts and conditions.

These insights present multiple opportunities for businesses. There's potential for creating educational content, such as how-to guides and tips, to support the DIY community. Developing products tailored to these specific routines could address unmet needs in the market. Additionally, considering the willingness of riders to recommend effective products, referral programs could harness this advocacy to build brand loyalty and recognition.

The survey also points to the enjoyment many riders find in the cleaning process, suggesting marketing strategies that celebrate not just the functional benefits of cleaning products, but also the satisfaction derived from using them. By tapping into this aspect of powersports culture, companies can strengthen their connection with customers, fostering a community around their products and services.

In conclusion, the findings paint a picture of a community that values both function and satisfaction in vehicle care. By exploring these avenues, from product development to community engagement, businesses can align with the preferences and expectations of powersports enthusiasts, enhancing their experience and building lasting relationships in this specialized market.

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Tristin Burdick

Research Analyst, EPG Specialty Information

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