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De-Winterizing Powersports Vehicles: DIY vs. Professional Services

De-Winterizing Powersports Vehicles: DIY vs. Professional Services

Tristin Burdick | April 24, 2023

As the winter season comes to an end, many powersports enthusiasts are preparing their vehicles for warmer weather. This article presents insights from a survey conducted among powersports vehicle owners, highlighting their preferences and practices in de-winterizing their vehicles and preparing their snowmobiles for off-season storage, or "summer-izing."

De-Winterizing Powersports Vehicles. The majority of powersports vehicle owners, across various types of vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs, boats, and personal watercraft, prefer to perform de-winterization tasks themselves. For example, 92.3% of motorcycle owners and 90.5% of personal watercraft owners prefer to de-winterize their vehicles on their own.

Reasons for DIY De-Winterization. The top reasons cited for choosing to perform de-winterization tasks themselves were cost savings (72.8%), confidence in their skills (71.5%), and enjoyment or personal satisfaction (59.7%). Other reasons included maintaining a close relationship with their vehicle(s) (50.1%), flexibility in scheduling (39.3%), concerns about the quality of professional services (24.3%), and the lack of convenient professional services nearby (15.6%).

Learning De-Winterization Skills. Most powersports vehicle owners acquire their de-winterization skills through reading manuals or books (67.3%), self-teaching through trial and error (55.7%), watching online tutorials or videos (47.6%), learning from friends or family members (43.1%), and engaging in online forums or communities (37.3%).

De-Winterization Tasks and Time Investment. Powersport owners perform various tasks during de-winterization, such as checking and adjusting tire pressure, performing general visual inspections, changing engine oil and filters, and lubricating chains, cables, and controls. The time spent on de-winterizing tasks varies depending on the type of vehicle, with most tasks taking between 1-4 hours.

Costs of DIY De-Winterization. The costs associated with DIY de-winterization were relatively low for most respondents, with the majority spending less than $100 per vehicle.

Snowmobile Summer-izing. When it comes to preparing snowmobiles for off-season storage, 56.9% of respondents plan to "summer-ize" their snowmobiles in early spring (March to mid-April), and 92.7% perform this task themselves.

Overall, the survey results indicate a strong preference for DIY de-winterization and summer-izing among powersports vehicle owners, driven primarily by cost savings, confidence in personal skills, and enjoyment. As many owners acquire their skills through various resources, such as manuals, online tutorials, and friends or family members, it is essential for them to have access to reliable and accurate information to ensure the proper maintenance and care of their vehicles.

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Tristin Burdick

Research Analyst, EPG Specialty Information

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