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Consumers and Their On-Premise Alcohol Consumption

Consumers and Their On-Premise Alcohol Consumption

Tristin Burdick | May 8, 2023

Discover the secret to attracting a diverse clientele to your on-premise establishment. A recent study by EPG Specialty Information has uncovered interesting consumption preferences of consumers at large. In this article, we will delve into these findings and provide valuable insights to help you excel in the competitive beverage alcohol industry.

A significant portion of consumers appreciate the opportunity to wind down with a refreshing drink in hand. Our results show that 45% of them make a habit of frequenting on-premise establishments on a weekly basis, with another 35% preferring to visit monthly.

So, what type of on-premise establishment do consumers frequently visit?

Their top pick: Restaurants. 88% of consumers in our study prefer visiting restaurants to order a drink or two. This preference may stem from their desire for a more relaxed atmosphere, combined with a satisfying meal to pair with their drinks. Breweries, known for their laid-back ambiance and unique craft offerings, follow restaurants in popularity with 43% of consumers opting for these venues.

Bars, which traditionally focus more on the drinks and social aspects, were the third most frequently visited on-premise channel at 40%. Suggesting that a blend of atmosphere, food, and drink variety is essential to these consumers in a bar environment. Lastly, sports venues, with 17% preference, emphasize the connection between the thrill of live action and the enjoyment of a beverage while watching their favorite teams or events.

Assessing where consumers frequently visit can provide us with additional insight. It seems that consumers seek a balance of atmosphere, food, and drink options. Let’s dive a little deeper to understand more about what grabs their attention.

When deciding where to visit, consumers place a high value on several key factors that contribute to their overall experience. Above all, the right atmosphere reigns supreme, as 31% of respondents identify it as the most important aspect of their chosen venue. This suggests that a welcoming, comfortable environment is essential for patrons to feel at ease and enjoy their drinks to the fullest.

The next priority on their list is a tempting menu of food options, with 34% considering it as the most important consideration. Satisfying their hunger with delicious, well-prepared dishes or finger foods is a crucial component of their experience, complementing their drinks and creating a memorable evening.

The third key factor for them is a diverse drink selection, with 19% of respondents ranking it as their top concern. Consumers crave variety, not only in their interests and activities but also in their beverage choices. Establishments that offer an array of beers, wines, spirits, and cocktails are more likely to draw in a wide range of consumers and keep them coming back for more.

Location and price also play significant roles in the decision-making process for consumers. With 25% of respondents highlighting location as most important, establishments that are conveniently situated near popular venues or easily accessible areas can capitalize on this preference. Meanwhile, 21% of respondents focus on the price, indicating that a balance between quality and affordability is crucial for attracting price-conscious consumers.

But what about their drink of choice? Beer, wine, spirits, or cocktails?

When it comes to drink selection, beer takes the lead among our respondents, with 84% naming it as their go-to alcoholic beverage. Spirits follow at 45%, while wine and cocktails trail behind at 40% and 37%, respectively. And it seems that they're not afraid to shake things up every now and then, as 59 % reported that they sometimes try new drinks, while 35% prefer to stick to their tried-and-true favorites.

With their preferences in mind, let’s explore the influence of event and sports on consumers’ consumption habits.

When it comes to socializing and having a good time, consumers are all about immersing themselves in events that complement their interests. It's no surprise that 48% of respondents enjoy attending events where alcohol is served, such as wine or beer tastings. These events offer a unique opportunity for them by combining their hobbies and interests with their appreciation for fine beverages, creating a perfect blend of excitement and leisure.

Furthermore, 42% of them relish the chance to indulge in a refreshing drink while watching live sports events. As passionate fans of both their chosen sports and quality beverages, they appreciate the camaraderie and shared energy that comes with cheering on their favorite teams or athletes.

When it comes to the types of events that consumers prefer to celebrate with a drink in hand, team sporting finals and playoffs take the lead, capturing 40% of respondents' interest. The high-stakes atmosphere and intense excitement of these games create an irresistible allure for these individuals, making it the perfect setting to raise a glass in support of their favorite teams. Similarly, 30% of respondents enjoy specific international events, where they can come together to celebrate not only the prowess of the athletes but also the unity and pride that comes with representing one's country.

Lastly, let's see if consumers have any preferences when it comes to non-alcoholic options and dietary restrictions.

It appears that providing non-alcoholic options is vital in catering to the preferences of consumers, as 42% of respondents consider them important or very important in their choice of establishments. By offering a well-rounded selection of alternatives, venues can accommodate a broader range of customers and create an inclusive environment where everyone can find something they enjoy. When they're not indulging in an alcoholic beverage, consumers often opt for refreshing and familiar choices like water, soda, ginger ale, and tea.

In addition to offering non-alcoholic options, it's also important to consider the needs of those with dietary restrictions or preferences. A noteworthy 14% of respondents reported having dietary considerations that influence their choice of alcoholic beverages. This highlights the importance of being mindful of various dietary needs, such as gluten-free, vegan, or low-sugar options when curating a drink menu. By providing information on ingredients and offering a range of alternatives, establishments can ensure they are catering to the unique requirements of their patrons.

To wrap everything up, our study uncovers the unique alcohol consumption preferences of general consumers. From their affinity for establishments with great atmosphere, drink selection, and food options, to their love for beer and live sports, these individuals have distinct tastes that can't be ignored. To cater to this market, alcohol establishments should focus on providing an inviting atmosphere, an extensive drink menu that includes a variety of beers, and a wide selection of delicious food. Additionally, it's crucial to consider the importance of non-alcoholic options and accommodate dietary restrictions or preferences when necessary. By keeping these insights in mind, bars, restaurants, and venues can create memorable experiences that will keep consumers coming back for more.

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