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Adult Beverage Has Strong Co-Promotion Opportunity Among Powersport Participants

Adult Beverage Has Strong Co-Promotion Opportunity Among Powersport Participants

Tristin Burdick | March 13, 2023


Enjoying alcoholic beverages is part of the powersports lifestyle for most consumers. Powersports and alcoholic beverage brands have an opportunity to co-promote products when done thoughtfully and responsibly.

The most popular category of alcohol that consumers purchase is beer and malt beverages – for a combined 82% of consumers that indicated that they consume alcohol. Most beer drinkers consume a combination of domestic, premium, craft, and imported beer. Exclusive craft beer drinkers represent just 12% of consumers and are likely to stick to their favorite craft brands if presented with options. Exclusive imported beer drinker represents a small portion of consumers (5%) and is the least brand loyal. Beer was mostly preferred by male consumers, but females had higher levels of consumption for FMBs and Hard Seltzers. 

Distilled spirits represent the second largest category of alcohol consumption. We found that 4 in 5 consumers have had at least one drink with liquor in the last six months. This is mostly attributed to whiskey (straight and imported) at 74%, vodka (35%), tequila (28%), rum (26%), and gin (22%). Tequila leaned more towards women while scotch leaned more towards men. Consumption of liquor happens less often than the consumption of beer. Consumers will likely have a drink with liquor a few times a month, while consumers that drink beer will have one a few times per week.

The wine category was the least consumed category – in relative terms – among powersport consumers. In the last six months, roughly 71% of consumers had at least one glass of wine. Almost all drank table wine (red, white, rosé) while 1 in 3 consumed sparkling wine.

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Tristin Burdick

Research Analyst, EPG Specialty Information

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