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Powersports Consumer Report

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Your Gateway to Mastering the Power Consumer Market

The powersports industry has a diverse range of consumers, each with their own unique preferences, lifestyles, and motivations. This year, EPG Specialty Information embarked on a journey to navigate the intricacies of this marketplace. Through meticulous surveying, seven distinct consumer segments emerged, each representing a specific subset of the powersports consumer base.

A Glance at the 7 Power Consumer Segments:

  • Bargain Hunter: The cost-effective shopper
  • Powersports Enthusiast: The die-hards
  • E-Bike Aficionado: The green urban commuter
  • ATV Consumer: The off-road thrill seeker
  • Boating Enthusiast: The aquatic adventurer
  • On-Road Adventurer: The highway cruiser
  • Vacation Renter: The commitment-free enthusiast

The Powersports Consumer Report includes a detailed chapter for each of the 7 consumer segments. Each chapter identifies unique characteristics, traits, and behaviors within the segments:

  • Overview and highlights of each segment
  • Detailed demographic portfolios
  • Engagement level in powersports
  • Vehicle ownership by segment
  • Spending behavior and buying intentions
  • Purchasing locations and channel preferences
  • Marketing recommendations for stakeholders
  • And much more!

Your purchase of the Powersports Consumer Report includes seven chapters each detailing a consumer segment; each information-packed chapter is 5 pages in length.  The full report will auto-download upon purchase.  42 pages total.  Available in PDF only.

Type: Free Preview