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IMBIBE Adult Beverage Consumer Reports


IMBIBE is a report series that provides an in-depth examination of beverage alcohol drinking behavior in the United States.

This proprietary study, conducted by EPG Specialty Information and its Beverage Information Group analysts, provides a comprehensive understanding of consumer alcohol consumption across six drinker personas in the Retail and On-premise channels.

IMBIBE assesses drinking and shopping behaviors in the beer, wine, and distilled spirits categories.

IMBIBE identified six distinctive consumer personas in the United States.

  1. Casual Drinkers
  2. Moderate Socializers
  3. Aspirational Urbanites
  4. Comfortable Urbanites
  5. Value-Seeking Beer Enthusiasts
  6. Affluent Urban Adventurers

The IMBIBE series includes ‘The American Drinker’ overview, along with each of the six persona reports.  Insights from the study reveal drinking behaviors within each persona:

  • Category and segment drinking preferences.
  • Beverage alcohol channel consumption frequency and dollar share.
  • Category and segment consumption frequency across channels.
  • Number of drinks by category price tier and premise type.
  • How leading cocktails appeal to each persona.
  • eCommerce shopping preferences.
  • Product attributes each persona seeks when making purchase decisions.
  • Reasons consumers drink and their primary drinking occasions.
  • The demographics necessary to understand where they live and how to target them.

The IMBIBE survey was conducted in late 2022 and was completed by 2,000+ adults of legal drinking age, balanced for gender, age, income, and distributed geographically across the United States.  The survey data was then segmented by multivariate clustering using the K-means algorithm.

Your purchase of the IMBIBE Adult Beverage Consumer Report Series, includes the introductory report, ‘The American Drinker’, and six detailed personas reports.  Each report is about 7-8 pages and will auto download upon purchase.  Available in PDF.

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