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6 Unique Consumer Segments

Beverage Alcohol Consumer Report - A Deep Dive into the U.S. Bev-Al Landscape

We surveyed thousands of consumers to understand who "American Drinkers" are, how and when they consume alcohol, and what drives their purchasing decisions in both the on- and off-premise channels. With these findings, we segmented them into six distinct consumer segments.

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Go Beyond Demographics

Dive deeper than age and income to discover the psychographics driving purchasing decisions

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Tailor your messaging and positioning to each segment for maximum resonance and engagement

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Stay ahead of the curve and identify new opportunities based on evolving consumer habits

Using our report’s consumer findings and insights, you can build a winning marketing strategy around the 6 unique U.S consumer drinking segments, gaining the ability to:

  • Understand what truly drives each segment’s purchasing decisions, and recommendations on how to reach them
  • See the full picture of the key U.S. drinking consumers, with both demographics and psychographics outlined within each segment
  • Maximize engagement with personalized messaging for each segment
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