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•New Executive Reports Highlight Alcohol Trends

•New Executive Reports Highlight Alcohol Trends

New Executive Report Suite Illuminates Actionable Beverage Alcohol Trends


Norwalk, Conn., (June 9, 2014) – Wine and spirits consumption is increasing and consumers are trading up to premium products, but understanding and capitalizing on those trends isn’t as simple as recognizing them. Two new products from the Beverage Information & Insights Group (BIIG) provide beverage alcohol executives targeted insight into what’s driving industry consumption and sales trends. 

The 2014 Adult Beverage Executive Analysis and Scorecard and the 2014 Growth Brands Report provide a clear and concise state of the industry, giving a benchmark for comparison against any brand portfolio. Both reports are must-haves for executives interested in uncovering new business opportunities, enhancing sales strategies and capitalizing on marketing spend. 

The Adult Beverage Executive Analysis and Scorecard details wine, spirits and beer trends using data hand-selected for key decision makers by our research team and industry veteran Mike Ginley. The report features data at the brand and category level - including the latest BIIG statistics, a predictive outlook for the coming year and historical comparisons. The compact analysis gives executives actionable intelligence, allowing them to react immediately to market changes.

The Growth Brand Report presents a detailed analysis of the fastest-growing wine and spirits brands, defined by the exclusive BIIG methodology used to determine the annual Growth Brand Awards. The report includes wine and spirits data in four segments – Fast Track Brands, Rising Stars, Established Growth Brands and Comeback Brands, along with editorial describing the trends and consumption patterns impacting the award winners’ sales. It’s designed specifically for retailers, restaurateurs and other industry professionals seeking insight into existing and emerging trends. 

The cost of the 2014 Growth Brands Report or the 2014 Adult Beverage Executive Analysis and Scorecard is $495 each. Both are available online as a downloadable PDF and they can be purchased at or by calling Cynthia Porter at (630) 762-8709.



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