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The Surprising Reasons Why Sharrow Boat Propellers Remain Unknown to Most Boaters

The Surprising Reasons Why Sharrow Boat Propellers Remain Unknown to Most Boaters

Tristin Burdick | April 10, 2023

Boat propellers are an essential part of any boater's experience, and as such, finding the right one is crucial. A recent survey conducted by EPG Specialty Information sheds some light on what boaters are looking for in a propeller, and what they think of the Sharrow boat propellers brand.

One of the key insights from the survey is that the awareness of Sharrow propellers is very limited. Most of the respondents (85%) had not heard of the brand, which is surprising given that they are a high-end brand. It could be because the majority of the participants (96%) have boats under 30 feet, and Sharrow might be more suited for larger boats.

However, among those who had heard of Sharrow, there was some interest in switching to the brand. The top motivations for considering a switch were enhanced maneuverability, improved fuel efficiency, and increased speed. These are all factors that any boater would be interested in, especially those who are passionate about their boats and invested in enhancing their performance.

However, there were obstacles that could hinder the adoption of Sharrow propellers. The top obstacle was price, followed by compatibility issues. This is a common concern among boaters, as replacing a propeller can be an expensive endeavor.

Interestingly, some respondents who had heard of Sharrow were unsure of the brand's value proposition. One boater noted that they "reviewed its performance a couple of years ago and it was very impressive, but not worth the cost." Another boater mentioned that they "looked like an interesting innovation, [but] this prop cost more than my boat." These comments suggest that there is some skepticism about the brand and its value proposition.

For Sharrow to succeed in the market, they need to actively engage with both promoters and passive boaters. They need to understand the concerns of the detractors and find ways to change the value equation. One potential avenue for success is to emphasize the features that are most important to boaters, such as maneuverability, fuel efficiency, and speed.

Overall, the survey conducted by EPG Specialty Information provides valuable insights into the world of boat propellers and what boaters are looking for. While the awareness of Sharrow boat propellers is limited, there is some interest in the brand, and with the right marketing and value proposition, they could be successful in the market.

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Tristin Burdick

Research Analyst, EPG Specialty Information

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