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Powersports Consumers Consider ‘Pollution’ and ‘Land Development’ as Top Environmental Issues in Their Local Community

Powersports Consumers Consider ‘Pollution’ and ‘Land Development’ as Top Environmental Issues in Their Local Community

EPG Specialty Information has recently conducted a study to identify the top environmental concerns of powersport consumers. The results indicate that land development, pollution (air, water, light, soil), litter, food waste, and contamination of drinking water are the primary environmental problems in the local community of powersport consumers.

The study emphasizes the significance of promoting products that do not contribute significantly to pollution or waste. In light of growing consumer focus on environmentalism, companies operating in the powersports industry must consider these concerns while developing products and marketing campaigns.

The survey also reveals that while most powersport consumers are conscious of their environmental impact and attempt to make eco-friendly choices, the frequency of these choices varies. For instance, only 3% of the respondents always purchase pre-owned products, indicating a preference for new items or features, while 59% sometimes purchase pre-owned products, implying that price may play a significant role in their decision-making.

To meet the demands of eco-conscious consumers, companies must balance eco-friendliness with other key selling features such as affordability, durability, and performance. Companies can also reduce their own environmental impact by adopting sustainable practices and promoting them to consumers. By demonstrating their commitment to environmentalism, companies can build trust and loyalty among customers who prioritize sustainability.

To sum up, EPG Specialty Information's recent survey highlights the top environmental concerns of powersport consumers and their local community. Powersports companies must consider these issues while developing products and marketing campaigns to balance eco-friendliness with other critical selling features and promote sustainability.


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