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Beverage Handbook Excelerator

Check out the video below for a brief overview of some of the highlights and features of the Beverage Handbook Excelerator - Liquor Edition:

Handbook Excelerator is a new analytic platform that gives our clients unprecedented access to our industry leading Beverage Alcohol data.

With Handbook Excelerator, users gain access to all the data in our Handbooks in an interactive tool that allows complete customization of the data.  Create custom geographies by census breakouts, states, or license types, build custom competitive sets by brand, category, or other attributes, sort and filter your data, and create custom tables and impactful charts.

Handbook Excelerator allows users to analyze data across time, both current and historical, through a universally used program, Microsoft Excel.

Handbook Excelerator – today’s top tool for uncovering trends and insights that were previously difficult to identify using static books and reports

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Featured Demo

Check out the video below for a short demo of the Beverage Handbook Excelerator: